Juxtaposition in Interior Design Using Shed Antler Lighting

mountain modern antler chandelier pendant shed antler lighting
The juxtaposition of disparate design elements in interior decorating is at an all time high. No longer are we satisfied with a single unified style. Our homes represent experiences, ideals, and lifestyle choices. Designers should attempt to create a rich tapestry with pieces that reflect the client's personality. Relying on neutral colors, contrasting contours, and mixing handmade and manufactured goods are key elements to success in this eclectic trend.  Using shed antler lighting is one way to make this succeed.
shed antler lighting
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Keep it neutral. Attention to color is essential to good design. Colors make statements and decisions about color are often tedious and painful. Therefore, when choosing contrast items, it is important to stay neutral. A deep, dramatic wall color paired with glass, bone, or natural wood is always complimentary. Shed antler lighting accents work well here.
Check your edge. Our eyes move around rooms the same way they move around paintings. Strong lines lead us through space. Add interest to stark modernism with organic shapes. Rounded stone, animal skins, and carved wood layer well in modern design. The sweeping curves and sharp points of shed antlers provide a unique contrast to strong straight lines. 
Makers matter. A space dominated by one maker always appears shallow. Living in a catalog spread is highly impersonal. Unique spaces combine elements from many sources. Try to find items that represent a range of production levels. If the sofa is name brand, add custom end tables. Pair imports with locally crafted items. And seek unique artisan alternatives to standard fixtures. 
You can find it all at The Peak Antler Company.  They work with individuals and designers in a unique custom approach to home decor, specializing in shed antler lighting and antler furniture. As you begin your next interior, focus on juxtaposition in design. Consider custom accents, handmade pieces, and natural artifacts. Look for a dynamic artisan to help with the project. The reward for successful implementation of this trend is a space rich with story, warmth, and complexity.