Innovative Modern Antler Chandelier Designs

A Look at Modern Antler Chandelier Designs

mountain modern timber chandelier "Timberline Falls" modern antler chandelier 
 Though they aren't exactly conventional, modern antler chandelier designs are becoming a favorite mountain modern home decor piece in many rural, suburban, and metropolitan homes alike. Depending on the theme of your interior design, an antler chandelier can certainly make the whole look tie together and feel even more inviting. 
It Adds Character to a Home: An antler chandelier instantly adds another layer of depth and character to a home, whether the chandelier hangs right above your entrance in the foyer, the family den, or the dining room. Paired with the right lighting, an antler chandelier can create more warmth and homeyness. Not to mention, it's a great talking piece at your next dinner party that will have your guests fawning over it with fascination. 
It's Unique: An antler chandelier in and of itself is definitely one of the more unique types of chandeliers. In addition, you can have your antler chandelier custom designed to make it even more unique for your home and personal tastes. Plus, a custom designed antler chandelier is made of incredibly durable materials, thus making it a home decor investment that boasts high-end quality, ups the value of your home, and will last for you for many years to come. No better way to add an element of rustic charm to your home than with a custom-made antler chandelier!
  mountain modern timber chandelier "Timberline Falls" modern antler chandelier mountain modern timber chandelier "Timberline Falls" modern antler chandelier
Our innovative designs are contemporary touches that use antlers to enhance the look of any space. Light fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps transform your room into a mountain modern masterpiece. Good lighting can provide ambiance and expands the look of the room. Let your personality shine through with one of our light fixtures. Each antler piece is made to order which allows unlimited ability to customize size, finish, lighting options and anything else you may need for a well defined piece. We work with interior designers, retail outlets and homeowners alike to find the perfect piece for your design style.  Our custom approach blends into Mountain Modern antler interior design styles as well as the traditional and classic designs. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us today!