Adding Mountain Modern Style with Antler Decor

Mountain Modern Style Antler Chandeliers

A formal dining room should "wow" your guests when they come to your home for dinner and special events. One way to get this reaction is using antler decor in a mountain modern style. Regardless of the style of your house, antler pieces -- made from naturally shed antlers -- can enhance your dining area and add an elegant touch to any residence.
  mountin modern chandelier bridal veil falls elk antler 
  Lighting -- For the most impact, hang a large antler chandelier in the center of your dining space above the table. Many styles and designs are available, so you can choose the perfect one that complements your home. A second option is to use two smaller pieces of antler lighting in the room. You can place one near each end of the table. For extremely spacious dining areas with high ceilings, install a large chandelier over the center of the dining table and then install two smaller ones toward each end.  Our new designs of pendant mountain modern style antler chandeliers (below) are custom made and can be hung along or in pair or multiples at varied heights to create dramatic lighting effects. Our custom approach can lead to unlimited possibilities and design options.
  mountain modern antler chandelier pendant mountain modern style mountain modern antler chandelier pendant mountain modern style mountain modern antler chandelier pendant 
  Seating -- To create more interest, place an antler chair with an upholstered leather cushion at each end of your table. These chairs will stand out from your regular dining room chairs and will add a majestic look to your space. For dining rooms with a glass table top, these chairs will stand out even more and make a strong decor statement.
  Accessories -- If your dining area has a fireplace, you'll want an antler fireplace tool set to go with your other antler pieces to complete the look of the room. This unique set is custom-made with antler handles and an antler stand. For your table's centerpiece, consider using a mule deer antler sculpture or place one on top of a nearby display cabinet. 
 For additional information on using antler decor with a mountain modern style in your home, please contact us today. We create each antler piece with the highest artistic quality for the most amazing results.