Antler Lighting? Yes!

When you are looking to bring lighting into your home, are antlers the first thing you think of? They should be! With the addition of antlers, the light in your room takes on a more natural hue, adding texture into your space, and feels more connected with the outdoors. So what ways can you bring antler lighting into your home?

The Main Event With an antler chandelier, you bring the drama to center stage. How much better when that chandelier is custom built? From the detail of the whitetail deer antler to the boldness of the moose antler, you won't be short on drama. And yet, the natural beauty of the antlers will soften the light, making it feel more natural.
Set the Mood Sconces will add a soft tone to your room. With options from the dramatic moose antler sconce which has three lights that illuminate the antler to beautiful effect, to the delicate mule deer antler sconce adding soft beauty to any space. Looking for a more wintry feel? A fallow deer antler snowshoe sconce will bring that outdoor adventure inside without the cold.
Be Practical You need lighting that will enable you to do what you want to in a given space. To get light where you need it, try an antler floor lamp. For targeted lighting, antler table lamps will bring whatever you need into focus in a style you will love. Whatever your lighting need, bringing antler lighting into your home is a great way to add drama while setting the mood in a practical way. Contact us to see how we can custom build your antler lighting. 

The Peak Antler Company