Set the Atmosphere with an Antler Chandelier Kit

Antler Chandelier Kit

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As our world gets busier and busier many people are decorating their homes to remind them of their favorite outdoor retreats. Colors, fabrics and materials that are more natural or rustic are sought after. Photographs paintings and lighting are designed to re-create that feeling, that calm, that ambiance of a favorite spot. As this decorating trend continues people are creating more themselves and getting more creative. Natural materials are being used indoors and creating breathtaking beauty. An Antler Chandelier Kit is your first step!
526 mule deer antler chandelier 
 One natural material that is extremely diverse are antlers. There are so many different types to choose from and they can be incorporated in a variety of methods. In many homes you will find antlers from moose, a variety of deer, elk, or even perhaps buffalo or oxen. One particularly gorgeous use for mule deer antlers is to create a chandelier. The soft lighting glowing around the antlers and dancing on the ceiling is a glorious addition to any room. This is the type of piece that guests will admire in the dining room over your table, the family room by a fire place or even over your bed. The best part is that with our Antler Chandelier kit you can customize and angle the antlers for just the right look. To further ensure your DIY Antler Chandelier is a success we offer an instructional DVD which will guide you through creating such beauty.
1101 The Ultimate Supply Kit to Make an Antler Chandelier 
Bring nature into your home in your own way. It's going to be gorgeous. Let us help you make your home into your favorite retreat.
Jeff Musgrave - owner/artist