Product Highlight: THE ELK ANTLER DESK

Teddy Roosevelt Elk Antler Desk

902 elk antler desk 
 Have you ever walked into a room in someone's home and just been completely blown over by a totally unique, magnificent piece of furniture? Usually it's a piece that's so unique, you know it couldn't possibly have been mass-produced! The ELK ANTLER DESK from The Peak Antler Company is one of those pieces that'll take people's breath away the moment they step into your office or den. It's got an organic, artful quality that even the most impressive antique desk can't match, thanks to the integration of one-of-a-kind antlers from the majestic elk, a creature with enormous and handsome antlers which he sheds and regrows each year. Peak's resident artisan, Jeff Musgrave, has been creating antler masterpieces like the elk antler desk for more than 20 years. For this project, Jeff even devised a way to transform a traditional swivel-based office chair into an elk antler-adorned, rustic accompaniment to the desk, and together, the two pieces make a statement that's sure to amaze and delight everyone who see it, whether it's a guest at your home or a client visiting you in your office for the first time.
  903 Elk Antler roller desk chair
The elk antler desk and chair set is one of many awe-inspiring creations that Jeff has taken from concept to reality at The Peak Antler Company. There are antler tables, bar stools and other furniture, accessories, and many other beautiful items including Peak Antler's amazing signature antler chandeliers, crafted using antlers from a variety of animals including mule deer, elk, whitetails, fallow deer and moose. Take a moment to browse our offerings and be sure to contact us with questions or your own ideas for a custom-crafted piece for your own home!
Jeff Musgrave owner/artist