Mountain Modern Design Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Mountain Modern Antler Chandelier Ideas

antler chandelier mountain modern

If you're looking to add some interest and a unique elegance to your master bedroom, consider these Mountain Modern antler decor ideas. Furniture and lighting pieces, made from naturally shed antlers, will set your bedroom apart from the norm. Because of the stunning beauty of each artistically crafted item, you can incorporate antler decor into many styles of homes. 
  Ideas for a Master Bedroom Antler Chandelier -- To create a focal point in your bedroom, hang a large chandelier made from mule deer antlers. With its intricate design, this creative form of lighting will draw the eye and amazement of everyone who sees it, while providing you with the illumination you need for the room. 
  Antler Chair -- In one corner of your room, if you have some open space, place a chair made from elk and fallow deer antlers. This chair will complement your chandelier and help to bring the decor together. With a comfortable leather seat, you'll love the richness that the chair adds to the room.
  Antler Lamps or Sconces -- Place a floor lamp made from elk antlers beside the chair to provide additional lighting. Mule deer table lamps on each side of your bed will coordinate well with the chandelier. If you need more room on your night stands, consider hanging mule deer sconces on each side instead of using lamps. Antler items will add style and grace to your master bedroom or any room in your home. 
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