Design a Stunning Master Bathroom with Antler Decor

bathroom antler mirror antler decor
Antler decor might not immediately come to mind when designing a master bathroom. However, whether you live in the country or the city, antler decor can add a unique beauty to your space. With just a few antler pieces, artistically designed using naturally shed antlers, you can create a stunning look. For example, select a large mule deer antler chandelier as the focal point of your bathroom. Hang this majestic item over a garden tub or a stand-alone tub for a dramatic effect. Everyone who enters your bathroom will certainly be amazed and delighted by the chandelier. You won't find this type of decor in many homes. An antler chandelier looks like a work of art! To complement your antler chandelier, consider using another antler piece in the bathroom. An additional, matching item will balance the design of the room. A way to accomplish this is with one or more sconces. For bathrooms with double sinks, use a mirror framed in wood over each one. Between the mirrors, hang a white tail deer antler sconce. If that won't work well in your layout, you can also use an antler sconce on both sides of a single wooden framed mirror. If you're interested in making a bolder statement with antler decor, instead of sconces and simple wooden framed mirrors, you can opt for one or two mule deer antler mirrors. You can hang these vertically or horizontally. The pattern of the forked antlers over an oval wooden frame will look lovely in the room and will enhance your decor even more. For additional information about how to use antler decor in your home, please contact us today. We stand behind our handcrafted chandeliers and furniture. With unlimited options for customization, we know that each gorgeous piece will fit perfectly in any room of your home!