4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Antler Chandelier

Choosing An Antler Chandelier

566-L elk antler chandelier
Deer antler chandeliers are synonymous with rustic style and cabin decor. Featuring the shed antlers of deer, they combine offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. But if you're thinking of investing in an antler chandelier for your home, there are a few things you should consider.
#1) Antler Type First and foremost, consider the type of deer antlers used in the chandelier's construction. Whitetail deer antlers and mule deer antlers feature a similar size and shape, though moose antlers are larger and feature a distinct webbing design.

  504-XL Aspen Mule Deer Antler Chandleier
#2) Tiers How many tiers does the antler chandelier offer? Most antler chandeliers feature 1-3 tiers of lights. A good rule of thumb is to choose your tiers based on the height of the room where it's used. If you plan on installing the antler chandelier in a dining room with short ceiling, stick with a single-tiered model. On the other hand, if you plan on using it in a foyer with a tall ceiling, choose a two or three-tiered chandelier. 
  #3) Genuine or Faux Antlers Some companies try to cut corners with their antler chandeliers by using fake (faux) antlers. Typically made of ceramic or polyresin, they lack the naturally intricate and unique appearance of genuine antlers. Stick with a chandelier made of genuine deer antlers to reap the benefits of this stylish decorative accessory. 
#4) Decorative Touches When shopping for a deer antler chandelier, you'll notice that some feature decorative touches. Available exclusively here at Peak Antlers, the Mt Evans Snowshoe Chandelier features snowshoes intertwined in the antlers for added visual appeal.
  539-O snow shoe elk antler chandelier

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