Antler Lighting – Sconces & Lamps

antler sconce O Bar O CabinsFor anyone who loves a rustic look — but isn’t sure about making large changes to your decor — consider adding antler lighting to your rooms. Lights made from naturally shed antlers can easily change the look and interest of a room, and you won’t have to replace any major furnishings.

Types of Antler Lighting:

604 moose antler sconce 3 lightsSconces — Wall lighting can add elegance and style to almost any room. To make a real statement in your foyer or great room, choose a moose antler palm with three lights. This majestic sconce will grab everyone’s attention. For something simpler, try single antler sconces with one light. Use them in your bedroom over your night stands instead of lamps.
101-L mule deer antler table lampTable Lamps— Moose or mule deer lamps are ideal for a desk or side table. These antler lamps add a rustic feel to any room without overwhelming the decor. For even more beauty and style, choose a lamp with a carved eagle. This regal bird is a favorite among those who love the great outdoors. If you’re interested in a different type of carving on your lamp, let The Peak Antler Company know. We’re happy to discuss additional options.
150 elk antler floor lampFloor Lamps — A moose or elk antler floor lamp makes a unique addition to a home. Try different styles in different rooms! They’ll quickly become conversation pieces with their distinctive look and hand-carved accents. All of the wires are hidden in the antlers, so nothing will detract from their splendor. These lamps will create a comfy atmosphere in our home that you’re sure to love.
For more information about antler lighting, please contact us today. Our items are specially built to order with unlimited customizing options. We provide the best in antler decor for our customers!
Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist