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Mountain Modern Antler Sofa Table

Mountain Modern Design Aspen, CO

As we head into the colder months of the year, we all look for ways to warm up our decor to make us feel cozy.  There are many ways that this can be achieved.  Here are just a few.
Actually Warm
The easiest way to warm your home is to actually warm it!  Blankets not only serve a practical use, but they make the home appear warmer and more cozy as well.  A strategically placed blanket will actually draw people to it in the colder months.
Color It Warm
Warm colors in your home will serve to brighten things up.  All you need is a pop of color here and there.  Try a cherry red pillow, or a bright blue candle; anything that will give someone entering the room a visual ‘ooh!’ will give your room some needed warmth.
730 elk and mule deer antler sofa table antler tableGetting Warmer
A new piece of furniture may be just what you need to warm up your home.  Bringing nature indoors in the form of an antler table may be just the thing.  While outside you can see nothing but snow, inside you will have a touch of nature that will remind us of autumn with its warmer temperatures and fallen leaves.  Whether you choose a sofa tableside table, or coffee table, each is custom made to your specifications.
If you want to warm up your home decor, contact us.  We’ll go over how we can make an antler table that will not just warm your home decor in winter, but will suit your home all year long.
Jeff Musgrave – Owner/Artist