Antler Lighting in Mountain Modern Design

Mountain Modern Antler Lighting

antler lighting elk antler chandelier
Modern interiors with their clean lines and angles, ample use of white or neutrals and shiny surfaces can look clinical if they’re not tempered with something warm and organic. Enter antler lighting!
It’s not just that a spectacular antler chandelier adds warmth, it’s that it makes a unique design statement, and having a statement-making piece is one of the hallmarks of modern interior design, especially if the modern aesthetic also leans towards a minimalist look. Click on the links below for examples of how antler lighting “lights up” a modern room in more than just the literal sense …
  • Here’s a modern dining room with very clean lines, and polished concrete floors. Notice how the antler chandelier adds an organic element to an otherwise linear-looking space. It literally brings the room to life!
  • A modern minimalist bedroom is the last place you’d expect to see an antler chandelier — and that’s the whole point. It adds a totally unexpected organic shape.
The point is that an antler chandelier is not only a piece for a mountain cabin or a rustic room, although it’s not exactly a shrinking violet in that setting either, as evidenced by the amazing example in this rustic open-concept living room/dining room space!
If you appreciate the rustic beauty and majesty of an antler chandelier, that’s all that’s needed. It will work in nearly any design setting and in pretty much any room. (Bubble bath by antler-light, anyone?)
566-L elk antler chandelier antler lighting
Have the resident artisan at the Peak Antler Company make a custom antler chandelier for you using antlers from a white tail or mule deer, an elk, a moose, or a one-of-a-kind multi-species creation for a statement-making, magical addition to a room in your own home!
Contact us today to learn more about our antler chandeliers and other amazing antler creations!
Jeff Musgrave – Owner/Artist