1. Because modern rooms have clean lines and tend to be furnished sparingly, a sculptural piece like an antler-based coffee table will actually stand out even more, just as a bright painting or print stands out more against a white wall.
  1. Modern rooms can look stark and cold. Introducing a warm, organic piece gives them balance and makes them seem more welcoming.

Of all the imaginative uses for antlers in interior design, a glass-topped antler table has to be one of the most impressive. And lest you think a table like this is reserved for a mountain-style home or a rustic log cabin, a magnificent glass-topped antler table actually makes a stunning focal point in all kinds of interiors, from modern to traditional to rustic.
To illustrate, consider this traditional living room where the earthy antler base combined with a refined, beveled glass top, fits in perfectly creating a lovely focal point among classic furnishings. The same table would work beautifully in a modern living room for two reasons:
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Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist