Make an Antler Chandelier

Outdoorsmen (and women) often amass a pile of antlers before they ever really realize just how many they have. Deer, elk, and other antler bearing critters naturally shed their antlers once every year. These natural sheds are much easier to find than one might imagine. That is one of the benefits of walking around the woods on a rainy day. Antlers shine when wet so searching for sheds is kinda like looking for that elusive diamond at a tourist diamond mine. The lucky finders always say their biggest nicest finds were yards way from where they were standing when they found it but they were just lucky enough to be in position to see the sun gleaming off its surface.

Rest assured, finding antlers is a lot easier than finding diamonds at those tourist trap diamond “mines”! The problem comes into play when you try to decide what to do with the antlers you find. An excellent option might be to find an artist and contract with them to make you a chandelier. Let’s see…what is that guy’s name at Peak Antler Company? Wait, maybe you could make your own antler chandelier!

Obviously, some thought is going to be required to pursue the make-your-own option. Logically, you’ll need some materials other than just antlers. Duct tape and maybe some contact cement? Naw, that won’t likely work. There may be in excess of over one-hundred pounds of sharp pointy objects hanging overhead when you are through. Sure wouldn’t want that falling down on top of your heads! Maybe hot glue would be a better choice?

One thing is for sure, the do-it-yourself approach to making an antler chandelier is not necessarily recommended for the faint of heart. You can’t just throw a pile of antlers together and hope your artistic genius will just miraculously appear. The antlers will have to be secured together using specialized fittings and everything will have to be appropriately wired and secured to the ceiling. If anyone knows how to do all of that it is Jeff Musgrave, the owner of Peak Antler Company.

Jeff is an artist in every sense of the word and his creations are prized the world over. He would love to turn your collection of antlers into a custom-made chandelier. At the same time, fame hasn’t precluded Jeff from recognizing the satisfaction that he can give others by instructing them how to make their own chandelier. In fact, he has made an instructional DVD on that very topic. Contact us at Peak Antler Company and we will hook you up with just the man you need to talk to about either making a custom chandelier to your specifications or providing you the instructions you need to make your own.
Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist