Antler Sculptures

If you live in or have a cabin in the country, you probably have an appreciation for the animals who live there. What better way to ensure you will always have a beautiful wildlife view than with antler art imitating nature?

Using nature to represent the nature we see is a truly honoring way to express our respect and love for the world around us.

Arthur the Elk

Arthur the elk is a grand life-size beauty at nine feet tall. Imagine having your morning coffee and being mesmerized by the beautiful sight of an elk right outside your window. This could be your life every day with Arthur. Elk, mule-deer, and moose antler sheds were used to build Arthur, and can be used to build your choice of those animals as a sculpture choice as each sculpture is made to your order.

If you like the feeling of having a deer or elk mount, but would rather not have the actual animal’s head on your wall, Sir Lance-O-Lot is the answer. Constructed using shed moose, deer, and elk antlers, Sir Lance-O-Lot will grace your wall with an impressive elk rack. Sir Lance-O-Lot was built as a work of art meant to last for years to come.

Mule Deer Bust

If you want to bring nature indoors in a more demure way, the Mule Deer Bust is elegant and somewhat smaller than Sir Lance-O-Lot. With fallow deer, mule-deer, and elk antler sheds, this sculpture is mounted to a spruce root taken right off Pike’s Peak.

Short of bringing wildlife into your home, the natural material used in the making of our antler art is an honest, real way to express your love of your surroundings and nature. Contact us to see how we can achieve that for your home with your choice of subject and an order made specially for you.

Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist