Antler Mirrors

Ever walk into someone’s home and notice something totally unexpected about their decor? If you’re at all into interior design, chances are you were impressed by the homeowner’s creativity. If you’d like to emulate that creativity in your own home, try hanging an antler mirror in the foyer or over the fireplace. It’s just one of those things that adds a “wow!” factor to your home’s interior.

Antlers are surprisingly versatile in their uses in home decor, and a good artist can create gorgeous chandeliers, table bases, accent pieces such as lamps, candle holders and more. An antler mirror is one example of an antler artist’s unique talent and creativity. Check out a few ways to display one in your home to add a totally unexpected detail that will make a statement like no other:
So-called “statement mirrors” are a thing in bathroom design this year and this one or one like it, displayed in a rustic bathroom, would also look gorgeous in a modern white bathroom to add warmth, something that modern design is sometimes lacking.
A rustic foyer’s focal point is a beautiful oval antler mirror. How cool!
Here’s a perfect example of using the organic warmth of an antler mirror in an all-white modern kitchen setting.
Another stunning antler mirror steals the show in a traditional entryway in Atlanta.
A large antler mirror highlights a rustic stone fireplace.

If you’d like to add an unexpected touch of rustic charm to your home, contact us. We specialize in custom beautiful antler mirrors, tables, lamps, accent pieces, and of course our famous one-of-a-kind antler chandeliers!
Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist