Sleek and Unique: An Antler Sofa Table

You want your home to be higher end, but you also want something unique and unusual. If you like to blend natural elements into your decor, but still want a piece that is sleek and makes a true statement, an antler sofa table may be what you are looking for.

Every antler sofa table we make is unique as they are all custom built to order. The natural look of elk and mule deer antlers brings the outdoors in while the artisans who build it bring control to the design. Finished with your choice of all glass, being the contemporary and customary finish, these tables can also be finished with a wood framed glass inset, or a wood top for a variety of styles.

Amazing Carved Antler Sofa Tables: Another Layer of Unique

If you want something even more unique, you can check out our amazing carved antler sofa table. Hand carving an eagle into the moose palm adds an artistic twist to the already high standards of craftmanship found in our antler sofa tables. Elk and mule deer sheds complete the textural experience. A glass top shows off the carving and detail to maximum effect.

If you need a sofa table that says unique and sleek, the Peak Antler Company has what you are looking for. With points and tips completely intact, neither cut nor shaved, this is the elegant answer. Contact us to discuss what kind of options you would like for your unique antler sofa table today!
eff Musgrave – owner/artist