Focal Points in Interior Design: Antler Décor

Elk and Mule Deer Shed Antler Sofa Table Custom made for a modern design loft in Aspen, CO

Interior designers understand the impact a stunning focal point can have on a room, and an intricate piece of antler furniture or an antler chandelier provides a focal point like no other! A set of antlers adorning a wall or mantel may come to mind, and while interesting, they aren’t necessarily the first thing you notice when you enter a room. If you have never seen more artful uses of antlers in interior design, then you are truly in for a surprise!

The Peak Antler Company’s owner and resident artisan has created an amazing array of antler lighting, furnishings and accessories that not only decorate a room, but add a “wow” factor that must be experienced to be believed. Our antler chandeliers range from simple and rustic to majestic and awe-inspiring works of art. An antler coffee table or bench is an instant conversation piece and is certain to be the first thing to catch the eye of a visitor.

We use several varieties of antlers including elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, and moose. Each lends its own unique qualities to tables, desks, benches, chandeliers and more. Some pieces are created using a single variety of antlers, while others combine antlers of more than one type, with each variety complimenting the characteristics of the other.

Discover the beauty that antlers can bring to your own home, whether it’s rustic or modern, traditional or eclectic. An antler creation will enhance almost any style of house or décor, bringing an unexpected charm and a sense of majesty to your home! Contact us for information on our made-to-order custom designs too!

Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist