Bring Some Charm to Your Home with an Antler Mirror

Perhaps you’re looking to make your cabin look a bit larger, or you’ve recently redone your décor and are looking for a new mirror that fits with your rustic charm. Why not consider a custom made antler mirror? Whether you define your décor as rustic, woodsy or fairytale, this could be just what you need to bring some charm to your walls. Our antler mirrors are made from the yearly shedding and collected without any deer or elk being harmed.

We make our mirrors to your specifications. Whether you need a piece for your entryway, bathroom or living room, every piece is made custom. The antlers are “woven” into a fish-bone pattern on a wooden backing, shaped precisely around the mirror. If you want something a little different – perhaps not quite so rustic – not to worry! We recently made a mirror and painted it black as a more modern design for a client, and we heard back that it fit beautifully into their design. It’s all about knowing what you want and working with us to create a piece just for you.

If you’re concerned that you’ll be the only one decorating with antlers, fear not! Take a look on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll see hundreds of design ideas (some of them inspired by us). You can also look at magazines for ideas, such as Architectural Digest, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Living.

Our in-house antler artist, Jeff, has been creating one-of-a-kind individual designs for over 18 years. He collects shed antlers and a wide variety of other materials from throughout the Colorado mountains to use in this artwork. If you’re looking for an antler mirror or any other type of antler decor, please contact us.
Jeff Musgrave