How to DIY an Antler Chandelier

Make Your Own Antler Chandelier

Rustic modern is a fashion trend right now. A gray wall, sleek furniture, and an antler chandelier are on trend right now. Pinterest is loaded with designs featuring these unique ceiling decorations. This one features a modern bedroom with a chandelier above the bed. Here is a dining room with a modern dining table and two antler chandeliers above the table. There is no question about it--antlers are "in" within both rustic and modern decor.
However, they are also quite expensive. Though beautiful, they might just break the bank. Ever thought of "DIYing" an antler chandelier? It's possible. You can make your own antler chandelier. Here's a few things to remember while you do:
1. There are several steps to making an antler chandelier. It is not just some wire and an antler from your latest hunting trip. There is an art and process to it. You will need time and patience.
2. Remember to drill the antlers for internal wiring. Nobody will notice your chandelier if there isn't any light on it, so make sure you drill the holes correctly and wire the antlers with precision.
3. You will need to stain and paint the chandelier. This is what makes the piece look so beautiful! Though antler chandeliers create a "rugged" vibe to a room, they should still look clean and shiny, and that is what the paint and stain do! 
Need some more help assembling your antler chandelier? Feel free to contact us. We have a step by step DVD guide on how to build one at your house, and we have supply kits as well! 

The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist