How to Include Antlers in Modern Interior Design

antler chandelier dining room kitchen table

Antler shed furniture pieces and lighting have long been used for creating a rustic aesthetic in a space, but new trends in natural and organic home design have made antlers perfectly suited for any style. Whether your look is modern, quirky, or minimalist, incorporating an antler accessory will add a surprising and beautiful layer of interest to your home. Here are a few fun and unique ideas for including naturally shed antlers in modern interior design:

Beautify a Tablescape Antlers make wonderful additions to any centerpiece. Mixed in with a variety of flowers and greenery, an antler candelabra provides endless elegance at your next dinner party. Not planning a soiree anytime soon? Simply place the candelabra on a side table or bookshelf for outdoor charm anytime of year.
Highlight a Gallery Wall Gallery walls filled with a variety of framed photos and artwork are a great way to display memories and set the mood in a home. To take your gallery wall to next level, try adding dimension with an antler bust sculpture. In a gallery wall, it is important to break up the sea of flat frames with a few 3-D items so the eye can travel more fluidly from piece to piece. An authentic antler bust will do the job perfectly, and also be a beautifully unexpected addition to your art collection. Dress Up a Door Wreaths are classic when it comes to decorating a door, and they can be made from much more than just pine boughs. For a versatile wreath that will last years, try an antler wreath! These wreaths look modern and sophisticated on their own, but can easily be updated for particular holidays with foliage, lights, and other decorations. Check out this post for inspiration! 

Need more ideas for incorporating antlers into your interior design? At The Peak Antler Company, we specialize in antler home decor – for more information and interior design ideas, contact us today.

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Jeff Musgrave - owner/artist