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Style Your Home with Our Antler Furniture

antler furniture decorating with antler antler coffee table
Nature, for so many people, is a way to get from the depths of the mind to a state of tranquility, and it takes a matter of seconds for the transition to kick in. However, what if that calmness you thrive for so often lay right before you in the comfort of your own home?
Here at The Peak Antler Company, we seek to provide you with beautiful decor that fits any desire for a more outdoorsy feel with antler furniture. We seek to tailor to your personal style by customizing our products to your liking, therefore adding a little piece of you in every order you make.
antler barTables Spruce up any living room, man cave, bedroom, or camp with a naturally shed, custom-made antler table. From an Elk Antler coffee table to an Elk and Mule Deer end table, these unique furnishings come in the most natural form, with no cut or shaved tips. Also available in different shapes and sizes, these antler tables can fit virtually anywhere and still add their rustic, homey charm.   
  Bar Our one-of-a-kind bar and matching bar stools are a must-have for any man cave or camp. Inspired by the Old West, the bar is constructed with 100-year old finished wood that really captures its authenticity and splendor. With radiant LED lighting, Bose Bluetooth, and a wine chiller, our modernized western antler saloon will deck out any vacant space you're looking to fill.
          Lamps Add a little light to any room in your home with a traditional antler lamp. These beautiful works of art can be constructed with a variety of naturally shed antler types, including moose, elk, and white tail deer. The electrical wiring is hidden from sight inside the antlers themselves, so there is no hassle, ever.

To place your customized order on any of our antler furniture, contact us today.