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Deer Antler Art: Totem in the Home

deer antler
Deer have rich symbolism in Native American tribal heritage and many other ancient cultures. For thousands of years, tribesmen wore antler headdresses during ceremonies to identify with the intrinsic qualities of male deer. 
 Pride, protectiveness, generosity, instinctual prowess, and unconditional love are just some of the amazing symbolic qualities of stags and does. The antlers of stags in particular directly correspond to masculine, phallic energies. The modern way to identify with stags is through antler art chandeliers or other antler statement pieces in the home.
antler chandelier dining room

Mule-Deer antler    As totems and power animals, deer also represent intuition, serenity, innocence, compassion, grace, gratitude, and kindness. They correspond to the powerful energies of independence, purification, and the ability to move through obstacles with ease. 
  If you feel drawn to deer and antler art, it's likely that you feel a strong connection to the natural beauty of life. Deer are as stunningly beautiful and peaceful as they are alert and swift.
  Deer antler art in the home reminds us to grant the same appreciation and gentleness we feel for life and others to ourselves. They remind us how rewarding it is to feel trust, and how important it is to trust in self as well, to embrace the generosity we feel toward others and be generous to ourselves.
 If you identify yourself as the ultimate protector of your household who has infinite treasures to share with your family, using deer antler art as a totem in the home is the ultimate way to connect with those powerful qualities every day. 
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