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Antler Coffee Tables from The Peak Antler Company

Custom Made Antler Coffee Tables

antler furniture decorating with antler coffee tablesThe perfect rustic home uses natural materials. Stone fireplace, interior barn doors; there are lots of ways to bring the outdoors in. If you're looking for something truly unique and beautiful that will fit in with your rustic home, try one of our antler coffee tables.
Our elk antler coffee tables are meant to add sophisticated beauty to your living space, where nature and habitation meet. The antler tips are intact, keeping the table as close to natural as possible to bring that nature close to you.
You have never seen anything like our elk antler table with a moose shed antler carved with an eagle. These antler tips are also intact, adding to the beauty of the piece. Our craftsmen hand carve the antler so it really is a work of art.
If you prefer a blend of nature and not, check out this elk antler table with snowshoes accent. Again, the tips are intact, but this one has the addition of antique replica snowshoes making it even more unique.
All of our coffee tables come with 1/2" beveled glass tops. They are built to order, so they are completely customizable. Because we don't start working on the table until you order it, expect delivery time to vary, generally around 4-6 weeks. You know you can order exactly what you want when you work with us. Whatever you might desire, we can work with you to create. Contact us so we can get to work on your dream table and bring nature into your rustic home.
Jeff Musgrave - owner/artist