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3 Unique & Fabulous Ways to Re-purpose Antler Sheds

elk antler shed

Re-purpose Antler Sheds for Your Interior Design

Antler sheds are exactly what they sound like: the shed antlers of deer that many people dedicate time and energy to search for. These sought-after items are a humane, elegant, and stunning addition to interior decor, but they need to be placed in the right way. Luckily, there are many unique ways to re-purpose your antler sheds for a wonderful addition to your interior design: 
  1. Statement wall decor: add your antler to a piece that upgrades the design of your wall, such as a large antler-framed mirror or a hanging shelf unit made of antler sheds. Additionally, consider adding style and function to your wall with an antler wall sconce that can enhance your room's lighting options.
  2. Antler chandelier: a truly unique and unforgettable addition to any home that also creates a touch of rustic elegance is the antler chandelier. In just about any room, a re-purposed antler chandelier is the perfect standout statement piece. You'll find that the combination of authentic antlers with subtle white illuminating lights is ethereal, yet natural and enchanting.
3. Antler seating: you may not have known it was possible, but you can even create fabulous seating options from your antler sheds. Use your antlers to adorn and serve as footing for unique benches, desks, or lounge chairs. For a true statement piece (in addition to your chandelier, of course), consider customizing a glass table top with antler sheds as your legs for a classic yet extraordinary center coffee table.
antler furniture decorating with antler sheds

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