Antler Decor: Pairing Nature-Inspired Tones and Textures

oval elk antler chandelier antler decor

Antler décor brings the beauty of the outdoors into your everyday life.

As an interior designer, or as a homeowner, you may want to complement the natural beauty of antlers with other rustic furnishings. A great way to enhance the beauty of antler décor is to add leather and other natural (or nature-inspired) textures. Leather furnishings add a sense of durability and ruggedness to home decor that fits well with antler decor. Consider buying a medium brown or dark brown leather couch for a living space, with an antler chandelier above. Other ways to add leather to spaces include vintage-inspired leather chairs or seats. It's also possible to add leather home accessories to decor - such as leather coasters or office accessories. If you're not a fan of real leather, faux leather may work just as well. Choose leather boxes, ottomans, or versatile stools to accentuate a rustic home environment. Browse furniture outlets online or visit antique stores for unique elements that complement antler art. You may also wish to consider adding faux fur rugs or wool blankets. These items add a cozy ambiance to country living spaces. For example, striped or patterned wool blankets give a room a decorative look that's also functional during the winter. If you prefer softer blankets, fleece works just as well. Consider dark navy or forest green fleece blankets for couches, beds, and lounging areas. Antler decor also works well with natural wood furniture. Choose wood furniture in deep brown or reddish tones for a timeless, sophisticated look. Lighter wood tones are also a good choice, especially if you want to make a room look as spacious as possible.

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Jeff Musgrave owner/artist