Where to Place a Large Whitetail Antler Chandelier

single tree over whitetail white tail deer antler chandelier
Besides the obvious location above a dining table, consider displaying our majestic chandelier in many locations of the home. Whether you have a cabin with high ceilings or a modern home with an eclectic style, consider these options for displaying our gorgeous large whitetail antler chandeliers.
  1. BedroomGive your bedroom a lovely glow with our large antler chandeliers. Use one of our designs as a finishing piece to a well-appointed master suite. The whitetail antlers can complement subtle decor colors or richly toned furnishings. 
 2. Master Bathroom When soaking in a tub or getting ready for the day, who wouldn’t enjoy the luxury of a large antler chandelier in their master bathroom? The high-quality rustic style brings the outdoors in - and compliment luxury wooden cabinetry or marble countertops.

 3. Great Room Show off the spaciousness of your living room with a large antler chandelier. If you have a two-story home or a room with log ceilings, our chandeliers highlight the beauty of a space.

4. Bar or Wine Tasting Room Create a poetic ambiance with an antler chandelier in your luxurious home bar or wine tasting room. Our whitetail chandeliers have a warm glow, perfect to gaze at while sipping on fine cocktails or fine wine.

5. Foyer Hang an antler chandelier to create an inviting atmosphere in a foyer. The rustic elegance of antlers work well with many design styles, such as clean contemporary or rich, rustic styles. Create an awe-inspiring ambiance to a room and add extra light.

6. Gourmet Kitchen Create a unique cooking atmosphere with our antler chandeliers. Consider placing our chandelier above spacious cook spaces and countertops. The antlers exude strength and elegance, providing a beautiful focal point to a family kitchen or chef’s kitchen.

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Jeff Musgrave