Tips for Decorating with Antler Furniture

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Decorating with antler furniture is exciting and fulfilling. There are so many options for expression when using antler furniture. One question you may have is how to use antler furniture and other decor to create a seamless design. While it is easy to place a piece of antler furniture in a room, it takes slightly more thought to put together a room where the furniture seems at home.
 Here are three easy tips to help you out:

 1 - Have wood in other furniture in the room. While an antler chandelier or lamp would look good in any room, it fits best with a room decorated with similar colors of wood. A bookcase, end table, or anything else that matches the antlers will help tie the whole room together.
 2 - Add color in your accessories. Pick a color scheme to help you keep the room looking concise and thought through. Wall art will brighten up any living space. Also, fabrics can give the room a softer feel. A strategically placed throw or group of pillows will give the room more color and help make guests feel relaxed.
 3 - Be brave! Do whatever you love and what you think will look good. It's your space. Don't second guess yourself. Having confidence in your decorating choices will help you to appreciate the room that you have put together and the beautiful pieces of antler furniture that are in it. Your room will be amazing if you just trust in yourself.

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The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave owner/artist