Shine Light on Your Vacation Home With an Antler Chandelier

Your vacation home is a little oasis. It is your place to escape from the stress and seriousness of your regular life. The way you decorate your vacation home should reflect this divergence from you standard life, so that the minute you step into your vacation home, you are able to let your cares and burdens melt away. Why not add an antler chandelier to top off your design.
Your design choices in your vacation home can be bold or whimsical. You can take chances that you might not in your day-to-day living spaces. If you occasionally rent your vacation home out to tourists to produce income, you will find that design with a strong point of view, or even design around a central theme will help your vacation home attract renters. Online vacation home renters are looking for a home that stands out to them as different from their own homes.
elk and moose antler chandelier dining room
Elk and Moose Custom Antler Chandelier with downlights
Antler chandeliers make a bold, whimsical statement. Chandeliers made from elk or moose antlers are large and attention-getting. They transform your surroundings and remind you of escaping into the rustic wilderness. If you want your vacation home to bring you back to basics and simplicity while still portraying charm and elegance, then there is no better lighting choice than an antler chandelier.
Male elk and moose shed their antlers every year. The older they are, the larger and more magnificent their antlers grow, which means that every year there is a replenished supply of antlers for home decor.
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The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave owner/artist