Spotlight On Rustic Elegance: Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers

mule deer antler chandelier in front of fireplace mule deer antler chandeliersAntler decorating is growing in popularity. If you want your home, lodge, or business to stand out, then mule deer antler chandeliers are the antler decor for you.

What Makes Mule Deer Chandeliers Unique?

Mule deer antler chandeliers are more open designs. Mule deer antlers differ from white-tailed deer in the way the antlers branch. White-tailed deer antlers branch from the base to form single points. Mule deer antlers branch from the base and each tine can make an additional branching, resulting in taller, more elegant antlers.
antler chandeliers in contemporary design Mule Deer antler chandelier 12 lights rosebud juniper
Mule deer antlers are a unique accent for homes in both white-tailed deer territory and mule deer territory. In whitetail country, a mule deer antler chandelier adds a touch of the exotic to your decor. In mule deer territory, a chandelier highlights the beauty of the deer.

The Beauty Of A Custom Chandelier

elk antler sconce mule deer antler sconce snow shoe antler sconce
Peak Antler Company offers customers more than just beautiful mule deer antler chandeliers. They offer a customized product to meet your specific needs and dreams. Choose between towering, multi-tiered antler chandeliers or the simple yet pleasing "bristle cone" style chandelier. For a wintry touch, add a snowshoe or incorporate an elk or moose antler into the product.
For a smaller chandelier, check out the mule deer antler chandelier pendant, perfect for gently illuminating the kitchen table or a cozy cabin.

Make Your Own Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers

How to make antler chandeliers build antler chandelierFor do-it-yourself types with access to sheds, our Make Your Own Antler Chandeliers DVD and kit are a way to truly customize your mule deer chandelier. Using the same approach and tools as we do in the shop, you can experience the satisfaction of constructing your own antler art. Whether it is for yourself or a gift, making your own antler chandelier is a project that is not only fulfilling but teaches you the skills you need to make many more antler projects down the road.

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Jeff Musgrave