Antler furniture is unique and artistic

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Not only is antler furniture unique in design and creativity, but each piece is also one-of-a-kind since no two sets of antlers are the same.

Antlers are naturally shed in late winter and early spring by elk, white tail deer, moose, mule deer, and other deer. The antlers fall off naturally from the heads of the males just a few months after the fall mating season.
Shed hunters know the popularity of the antlers for their growing use in hobby collections and by a business such as our Peak Antler Company in the creation of high-quality custom furniture, various crafts, decor, and art. It is a money-making project for those hunters to roam in search of fresh antlers since the price is somewhere around $9 to $12 a pound at the low end of the scale and up to thousands of dollars for a matched set from a trophy bull elk.
Amazing and long-lasting works of art come about with the use of spectacular antlers found in nature, such as the examples below:
elk antler coffee table with eagle carved moose antler
Elk Antler Coffee Table with Eagle Carved Moose Antler
A hand carved eagle made from a moose antler is in the middle of this beautiful coffee table topped with a half-inch beveled glass. The top antler points or tips are not shaved or cut so that the beauty found in nature is in its purest form.
20121103_PeakAntler-19 (ZF-3858-94773-1-018)
European Throne Antler Chair
Made with antlers from elk and fallow deer, and decorated with genuine leather cushions, this does indeed look like a throne.
2 antler 2 light antler sconce
Antler Art
Antler mirrors can showcase the beauty and elegance of outstanding pieces made from natural resources. Antler sconces can illuminate a room and beautify the space.
Interior design trends in high-end homes as well as log cabins, vacation homes, and offices are returning to incorporating this type of rustic and back-to-nature decor into modern settings.
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Jeff Musgrave owner/artist