Antler Chandeliers for Interior Design in a Rut

antler chandeleirs antler coffee table
The Rut: that magical time of year when deer lovers, and lovers of deer, get emotional. Bucks proudly show off their tantalizing antlers for their does and put them to use fiercely challenging other bucks. Deer are on the move during the rut, and for those who get a glimpse of a flickering white tail bounding over a fence, or a flash of antlers along the edge of a roadside field, it's a rush of excitement and admiration for one of Nature's finest creations.

The rut, deer mating season, may actually only last a few brief weeks each year at the end of Fall. But beautiful antler decor in your home can retain that sense of natural awe year round. Deer and elk antlers are natural structural wonders of both strength and elegant delicacy. Antlers woven into antler chandeliers or similar interior design features have an irresistible charm that expresses your love for nature and invites your house guests to share their own tales of deer experiences.

Though all antler chandeliers may provide a personal touch to your interior design, you can create your own custom-made chandelier for even greater personal expression. The DIY - Instructional DVD and Supply Kits from The Peak Antler Company shows you how! Recall those few magical weeks of Fall any time of year when you light the room by the beautiful chandelier you've created with the antlers you've gathered. It's both a functional and decorative way to display your antler collection.

Nature's deer rut is a powerful force that stirs up instinctive emotions in deer and warm-hearted emotions in outdoor enthusiasts. Put this natural appeal of antlers to use in your next interior design project with antler decor.

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