Make a Dramatic Statement with a Dining Room Antler Chandelier

moose elk antler chandelierElk and Moose Dining Room Antler Chandelier

If there is one place in your home where you have permission to make a big, dramatic design statement, it is definitely with your dining room chandelier. There are some areas in your home where large designer pieces might feel over the top, but everyone expects a large, ornate light fixture in the dining room. The fun part is deciding what you want to use to light the meals you will share with your family and friends over the years.
If you are decorating a mountain home, cabin, log home, or a home with a southwestern or rustic theme you should consider the majestic beauty of an antler chandelier. Antler chandeliers are handcrafted and one of a kind, created from genuine antlers that are naturally shed by elk, deer and even moose. Antlers are one of nature's most artistic renewable resources since antlers are shed every year over the course of the animal's life, and they grow back bigger and more beautiful each year. Rest assured, the shedding of antlers does not cause the animal any discomfort at all, it is a natural cycle.
3 tier mule deer antler chandelier
Antler chandeliers can range from large and elaborate like this "Aspen" 3 Tier Mule Deer Antler Chandelier, to the smaller, understated elegance of the "Pinecone" 4 Lights Mule Deer Antler Chandelier, a perfect dining room antler chandelier for small spaces. An antler chandelier can be designed to your specifications, to fit the size of your room or the size of your budget.
mule deer antler chandelier 6 light pinecone
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