How To Find Sheds For Antler Decor


Sheds are elusive. If antler decor inspires you, chances are you spend most of your walks in the woods searching for the perfect shed. Here are a few tips to help you find more sheds this winter.

When To Look For Sheds White-tailed bucks shed their antlers from late December to early April, depending on the region. This natural process provides the raw material for antler chandeliers, light fixtures, and antler art. The best time to start canvassing the woods and fields near your home is January, February and March. Squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents enjoy nibbling on sheds, so waiting too long means your eight point find comes with a few teeth marks.
Where To Look For Sheds The best place to look for sheds is wherever the local deer hang out. Bucks shed their antlers over the course of their daily activities. Check out these three hot spots as you shed hunt: 1. Scout out winter nesting grounds. These are easily identified by the crushed circles of grass, snow or leaf material the deer leave behind. During the winter months, deer enjoy soaking up the sun just like we do. Hills with southern exposure are favorite haunts of shedding bucks. 2. Follow deer trails and keep an eye on the ground and in low branches. Sheds easily tangle in tree limbs or bushes, sometimes putting them right at eye-level. Another place to keep an eye out along deer trails is obstacles that require deer to jump. Sometimes the shock of impact is enough to dislodge the antlers. 3. Deer spend a great deal of time foraging for food. If you know where the local deer browse, check those areas for sheds. Look for evidence of scratching beneath trees and in the snow, as these are signs of feeding grounds. Providing winter fodder is another way to encourage shedding nearby.
How To Spot A Shed Knowing where deer shed is one thing. Spotting the sheds themselves is another. Sheds and bleached branches look very similar, and antlers hide easily beneath snow and leaves. Some experts suggest looking for sheds after it rains. The water gleams on the sheds differently than it does on branches and rocks. Wearing soft soled shoes allows you to feel for sheds beneath snow and leaves. Don't be afraid to dig into the leaf litter if you step on something hard. Above all, be methodical. Use a grid approach to shed hunting to make sure you don't overlook a shed by accident. Sometimes shed hunters are just in the right place at the wrong time. If your shed hunting is fruitless this winter, but you still crave that antler decor, or even if you need some ideas for antler decorations, contact us.
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