Antler Mirror Sculpture included in Kaleidoscopic Animalia Exhibit

20121103_PeakAntler-12 (ZF-3858-94773-1-011)Jeff Musgrave antler artist has been selected to feature his antler mirror with deer sculpture at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta

Kaleidoscopic Animalia: An exhibition designed and curated by Paul Hardy "Kaleidoscopic Animalia is an exhibition that taps into current interests in fashion, design and visual culture while exploring big ideas about human creativity, cultural values and the universal interest in animals as art, fashion and culture. Around the world, animals inspire powerful emotional connections as well as provide sustenance and survival. From toys to totems and from feast to fashion, the complex relationship between people and animals is revealed in the social, symbolic and artistic expression of many cultures. With Kalaidescopic Animalia, Hardy presents a unique curatorial perspective. Animal-inspired artifacts and artworks from different cultures and eras will be juxtaposed based on common themes rather than being categorized by date or place of origin (an approach more typical of a museum). Whether created to be a symbol of status, for entertainment or for daily use, the art and artifacts Hardy has chosen will gain new meaning when placed together, provoking conversations about consumption, conservation, creation and inspiration. Hardy’s curatorial debut will include original designs he is creating specifically for the exhibition, as well as artifacts and artworks from Glenbow’s vaults that have rarely been exhibited."  see more here

Deer antler sculpture 
Mule Deer Bust 2013

Nature inspired! This exquisite antler fork mirror is made from the finest naturally shed mule deer antlers forming a fishbone pattern over a custom made solid wood frame. The forks of mule deer antlers are individually cut to fit tightly around the mirror frame and accented with Elk “buttons”.    The mule deer sculpted head placed on a mirror was inspired by the desire to create a truly unique art piece. After years of constructing antler chandeliers and antler furniture, a true art form itself, Jeff Musgrave, founder and artist of The Peak Antler Company, had an idea to do more with antlers.  He was ready for a challenge! In 2007 he began sculpting deer and elk figures using the medium he know best, naturally shed real antlers.  He created several mule deer busts to be displayed in homes.  His creations got much larger with 3 life size elk sculptures, one resides at a local Colorado lodge and a bull and cow pair were created for display in the landscaping of a Bass Pro shop in California.  He was inspired to share his faith through an almost life size crucifix titled "Christus Victor".  Now with over 18 years of experience and craftsmanship, Jeffs artistic style using antler medium is getting world recognition as a chosen piece for the Glenbow exhibit. 

antler sculpture "Arthur" 2007

antler sculpture "Sampson and Delilah" 2008

antler crucifix 
"Christus Victor" 2014

christo 2 rz 

Mule Deer Bust Sculpture_2 
Mule Deer Bust 2007

The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave - Owner/Artist