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Antler Chandeliers in Modern Design

Antler Chandeliers in Modern Design

Here at The Peak Antler Company, we have built hundreds of antler chandeliers and antler furniture decor over the last 18 years.  While working with clients and interior designers we noticed antler chandeliers are not limited to being used in rustic design.  Some may think antler chandeliers are only for hunters, to be used only in cabins, trophy rooms, hunting lodges or rustic settings.  We do not agree, we are seeing more and more designers incorporate antler chandeliers as an accent piece to compliment the variety of eclectic, modern, contemporary, traditional and even beach style interior design styles.  Historically, antler furniture has been in homes and castles since as early as the 19th century, we would love to help you incorporate your own unique custom build antler chandeliers in modern design or any interior design style.
elk antler chandelier in modern design
Antler chandeliers in modern design my be the least common, but they make the most dramatic statement. The most modern antler chandelier we built to date used white, naturally shed elk antler in an oval design. It used brushed nickel electrical fittings to compliment the sleek modern accents of the room.
In searching for examples to support our idea of antler chandeliers in modern design we discovered a quote by Beth Asaff, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer at
“Chrome and stainless steel make up a big part of modern design. Doing away with traditional metal details (like wrought iron) opens up the door for clean, polished metals to be used in their place. It’s not uncommon to see chrome or stainless steel as part of the furniture, such as table legs or exposed portions of a chair’s frame. Chrome is used extensively throughout the home seen in faucets, doorknobs, cabinet handles, lamps and railings.”
We also found “modern design is a style of decor that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials.” ALL our antler chandeliers in modern design use naturally shed antlers, no harm ever comes to the animals! See more here

antler chandelier in modern design
Modern Closet by Richmond Tile, Stone & Countertops Luck Stone Center

antler chandelier in modern design dining room
Modern Dining Room by Kansas City Design-Build Firms Hufft Projects

antler chandelier in modern design dining room
Modern Dining Room by Melbourne Architects & Building Designers Destination Living

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We offer a discount when working with designers.
All The Peak Antler Company antler chandeliers are built to order and customizing options are unlimited.
Jeff Musgrave