Antler Chandeliers in Traditional Design

The Peak Antler Company Antler Chandeliers in Traditional Design

spruce mule deer antler chandelier Here at The Peak Antler Company, we have built hundreds of antler chandeliers and antler furniture decor over the last 18 years.  While working with clients and interior designers we noticed antler chandeliers are not limited to being used in rustic design.  Some may think antler chandeliers are only for hunters, to be used only in cabins, trophy rooms, hunting lodges or rustic settings.  We do not agree, we are seeing more and more designers incorporate antler chandeliers as an accent piece to compliment the variety of eclectic, modern, contemporary, traditional and even beach style interior design styles.  Historically, antler furniture has been in homes and European castles since as early as the 19th century, we would love to help you incorporate your own unique custom build antler chandeliers in traditional design or any interior design style. describes traditional style very well:
Is a traditional interior style right for you?  Traditional style celebrates simple elegance, classic shapes, and unfussy details.  It provides soothing comfort for relaxing at home and allows guests to take a greater share of attention. 
A traditional interior is usually a cozy, comfortable and calming room.  Hallmarks of a traditional room include carved moldings, fine woodwork, graceful lines, and sturdy, finely crafted furniture.  An overstuffed, sumptuous sofa, soft accent pillows, framed wall decorations and elegant fabric curtains are a few details often found in a traditional room.
A traditional style offers the familiar comfort of using forms, colors, and materials as they have been used in past.  People who pursue a deep connection with Old World, European or early American history take great pleasure in this style.  If you crave elegance and order, this style will feel timeless and satisfying.
Antler chandeliers in traditional design offers the elegance and historic feel of the style.  We can create the perfect antler chandelier for your space, custom build chandeliers furniture are our speciality.  We will work with you and/or interior designer to choose the perfect style, shape, and lighting options from the beginning.

We don’t always get to see our antler chandeliers in their final location, but we found examples of how beautiful antler chandeliers in traditional design can be:

antler chandeleir in traditional design kitchen
Traditional Kitchen by Grand Prairie Kitchen & Bath Designers USI Design & Remodeling

antler chandelier in traditinal design porch
Traditional Porch by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

antler chandelier in traditional design dining room
Traditional Dining Room by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers William T Baker

antler chandelier in traditional design kitchen
Traditional Kitchen by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Lauren Mikus

antler chandeleir in traditional design living room
Traditional Living Room by Columbus Cabinets & Cabinetry Westwood Cabinetry and Millwork

antler chandeleir in traditionl design dining room
Traditional Dining Room by Chicago Photographers Jacob Hand Photography

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