Product Highlight: "Bristlecone" Mule Deer Antler Chandelier

Not only is this mule deer antler chandelier perfect for over a modest sized dining room table, it is also an amazing accent to any space and provides plenty of light.  
 It has a swirling base made up of 8 real naturally shed mule deer antlers and 6 more building up to the top.  The design has a very open center with lights on varied levels create a unique lighting display.

Stunning over a fireplace in a living room setting, thanks to a recent tour of a customers home.

It has 12 lights which can hold up to 60 watt bulbs each. 
Approximately 36”w X 24” h 
All products are individually built to order which allows for unlimited customizing options. Please allow 4-6 weeks. Feel free to contact us with questions and your own unique customizing options.

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How to: Build Your Own Antler Chandelier & Lamp DVD
The Peak Antler Company antler chandeliers and antler lamps are built by UL standards. 
This video demonstrates construction and wiring by those standards and all supply kits use the same products used in our facilities. 
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