Antler Desk Honorable Meniton at Western Design Conference

Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Executive Office
The "nice scale & balance on both the desk & chair" and "beautiful detail on the chair" accented with buffalo nickle tacks caught the judges eye and earned an Honorable Mention award in the Accents category at the 20th annual Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming September 6-9, 2012.

Designs from the Peak Antler Company are artistically balanced and skillfully crafted by wildlife artist Jeff Musgrave.  Based in Divide, Colorado, Jeff has more than 16 years experience creating antler home furnishings and decor. His artwork incorporated a wide variety of deer, elk, and moose antler as well as other items native to Colorado.  In 2003, Jeff launched The Peak Antler Company, with products inspired by the uniqueness of the Pikes Peak Region and the beauty of nature and wildlife.He has created thousands of unique antler artwork pieces sold around the world.

The Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Desk

Elk antler desk with glass top, complete with a hand carved eagle using moose antler in the center representing the presidential seal.  Th large elk antler used in constructing the desk were from quite rowdy elk, the antlers have naturally broken tips from fighting, chosen to symbolize the rough and rugged nature of Teddy Roosevelt.  Part of the set is a leather upholstered adjustable desk chair accented with buffalo nickel nail heads, elk antler arms and legs which provides a comfortable, elegant rustic feel.  The final piece of the set is a large office mirror, trimmed in mule deer antler flowing into a beautifully sculpted mule hear head.