June 5, 2017

DIY Custom Antler Home Furnishings

DIY Custom Antler Home Furnishings

532-M white tail antler chandelier 2 tier make your own antler chandelier
If you’re a DIY project enthusiast or like to get crafty with hand tools, did you know you can make your own antler chandelier? There are plenty of reasons to create your own distinctive antler chandelier or lamp. Let us count the ways:
1. Make it your own: One of the most obvious reasons to create your own chandelier is the opportunity to make it your own. You pick the antler sheds and you control every aspect of how it’s created. Our DIY video will guide you on how to put together your project. Use the supplies in the kit to create the antler chandelier or lamp of your dreams for yourself or a loved one.
2. Enjoy a unique home decor challenge: If you’re a decor enthusiast or if you just like new DIY challenges, make your own antler chandelier. You could blog about your experience or post the process on social media.
3. Bragging rights: At the end of the process, you get to brag about the personalized, unique addition to your home that you put together. Tell friends and family about your experience creating your own antler decor piece. Similar to other DIY crafts, the story is usually part of the charm.
4. Create a woodsy ambiance: Whether your home has a modern design style or has a traditional country theme, a DIY antler chandelier adds customized appeal. Hang the chandelier in the dining room or the living room, or wherever your heart desires. Antler sheds are a wonderful reminder of nature that can fit nearly any decor style.
make an antler chandelier make your own antler chandelier
So roll up your sleeves and get ready to make the antler lamp or chandelier or your wildest dreams. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to DIY your own antler chandelier, you can also have a Peak Antlers chandelier expert make your chandelier for you. To order a DIY kit or to request more information about options, contact us.
1101 The Ultimate Supply Kit to Make an Antler Chandelier
1101 The Ultimate Supply Kit to Make an Antler Chandelier

June 3, 2017

What's Your Custom Antler Chandeliers Design Style

Custom Antler Chandeliers

by The Peak Antler Company
antler chandeliers elk mule deer antler decor
Antler chandeliers can fit a variety of decor themes, from minimalist, to antique-inspired, to eclectic settings. Where you choose to place an antler chandelier in your home is up to you. Whether your working with an interior designer or your renovating your home, our chandeliers make quite a statement.
What’s your chandelier style?
542-XL mt bross elk antler chandelier iron baseRustic & Modern: Antler chandeliers go well with modern interiors that have a rustic edge. Consider an antler chandelier above a minimalist sofa with a faux-fur rug and a fireplace nearby. The chandelier can be a focal point to a room that is deliberately simple in many other aspects.
Traditional: If you prefer traditional wood furniture and color tones, antler chandeliers can have a timeless look. Place an antler chandelier in your home bar or study to accentuate deep hues and luxurious textures. Place the chandelier near timeless paintings and antiques.
Country: Our chandeliers naturally work well with country and outdoors-inspired decor themes. Add an antler chandelier to your vacation home in the mountains. Whether you enjoy skiing, hiking, or hunting, antler chandeliers add country-style to a home for people who love the outdoors.
Eclectic: Perhaps you like to decorate with a little bit of every kind of style. Your home might have traditional tables, curtains with a modern flair, and artwork that spans different decades. Regardless of your personal style, antler chandeliers can add a quirky and charming look to your home.
Chandeliers made with antlers look amazing with nearly any design preference. Work with interior and home designers if you would like customized advice about where to place your chandelier. If you would like more information about antler chandeliers, contact us.

June 1, 2017

Mountain Modern Elements in a Home Office Design

902 elk antler desk home office antler decorMany people today have an office in their home. If you’re thinking of setting up an office or remodeling using mountain modern design, you might want to consider some unique furnishings, such as stunning home office antler decor.
Desk – Imagine entering your office and seeing a magnificent, elk antler desk with a huge glass top. The base of this desk — made of naturally shed, large elk antlers — includes a gorgeous, hand-carved eagle. The clear glass top allows one’s focus to remain on the antlers and showcases the overall, artistic flair of the desk. This desk comes with a leather upholstered chair that is skillfully accented with buffalo nickel nail heads. The antler arms and legs of the chair are beautifully handcrafted to match the desk.
526 mule der antler chandelierOverhead Lighting – To work efficiently and effectively, good overhead lighting is a necessity. An ordinary light does nothing to enhance your decor, so you might want to consider using a truly majestic antler chandelier. Chandeliers come in a large variety of sizes and even antler types, so you can find the perfect one for your office decor. Antler chandeliers are a beautiful addition to any room and look particularly impressive in a rustic setting with complementary furnishings.
#80 Fireplace Tool Set Mule Deer Antlers
Accessories – If you have a fireplace in your office, you’ll want a fire tool set with mule deer antler accents to match your other antler pieces. A large, moose antler sconce placed between two tall bookcases will add even more character to the room. It also provides extra light for when you’re searching for a particular book or item on one of the shelves.
With such a stunning home office antler decor, you’ll look forward to spending a lot of time in your office. For more antler decor ideas, contact us today. We have items that you won’t find anyplace else, and all of our furnishings are artistically handcrafted right here in America!